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Andrea Parsneau

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Narrator, voice actor, and all-around character only begin to describe the force of nature that is Andrea Parsneau. If a diverse cast of characters capable of emotional depth and comedic delivery is what you are looking for in your audiobooks, you must begin listening to Andrea Parsneau.


TITLES FROM the Performer

Cat Core

Cat Core, Book 1

The Last Light

The Wandering Inn, Book 5

Dungeon Bound 2

Dungeon Bound, Book 2

Winter Solstice

The Wandering Inn, Book 4

Flowers of Esthelm

The Wandering Inn, Book 3

Dungeon Bound

Dungeon Bound, Book 1

Death’s Mantle 3


Master of All, Book 3

Fae and Fare

The Wandering Inn, Book 2


Master of All, Book 2

The Wandering Inn

The Wandering Inn, Book 1

Death’s Mantle

Death’s Mantle, Book 1

Death’s Mantle 2

Death’s Mantle, Book 2


Master of All, Book 1

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