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Iggy Toma

Contemporary, Romance, Fantasy, Harem, Paranormal, New Adult & College, Sports, Sword & Sorcery

**Iggy is an award winning narrator who has voiced over 150 titles. Some highlights include the popular Urban Fantasy series “Guild codex: Warped” by Annette Marie and and Rob Jacobsen, the steamy “Fake Boyfriend” series by Eden Finley, the hilarious erotic litRPG “Succubus” series by A.J. Markam, and a ton of titles by the brilliant Heidi Cullinan.**


TITLES FROM the Performer

How to Hack a Hacker

Unholy Trifecta, Book 3

The Good, The Bad and the Crazy Stupid Hot

Succubus, Book 3

Taming Dante

Dante’s Infernal, Book 1


Succubus, Book 1

Riddles and Revenge

Succubus, Book 8

Real Players Never Lose

The Boys, Book 3



Shinobi Rising, Book 1

Jagged Edge

The Edge, Book 1

How to Steal a Thief

Unholy Trifecta, Book 2

How to Shield an Assassin

Unholy Trifecta, Book 1

Hardcore Dungeon Core

Succubus, Book 5

Gods and Monsters

Gnome Place Like Home

Succubus, Book 4

Fairy Tale

Succubus, Book 7

Devil in the Deep Blue Sea

Succubus, Book 6