A Farm in the Afterlife | Podium Audio

The Cozy Abyss

A Farm in the Afterlife

Book 2

By: Harmon Cooper

Performed by: Matthew Wolf

Released: September 17, 2024

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

A dead warrior must learn how to defend his afterlife against a hellish invasion in this sequel to LitRPG adventure A Pub in the Underworld.
Sylas Runewulf has been dead for about a month, but he’s making the best of it. The former battle-hardened swordsman is now a brewer and pub owner in the town of Ember Hollow. He’s also made a few friends here in the Underworld. Plus, he has a pet in Patches the cat, and he recently bought a farm, complete with a peppy pup named Cornbread. Not bad for someone who once lived and died by the blade.
The trouble is Sylas could very well die by the blade again—or else something much worse. Because his pub overlooks the worst place in the afterlife: the Chasm, home to demons and monsters that frequently rise up and wreak havoc, often killing a local or two.
With the looming threat of an invasion from the Chasm’s fiery depths, Sylas must look to his growing community for the power to survive—and ensure his new friends and neighbors are allowed to continue to rest in peace . . .



Harmon Cooper

Harmon Cooper is a bestselling author of LitRPG and progression fantasy, including the Pilgrim, Cowboy Necromancer, and War Priest series. Born and raised in Austin, Texas, he lived in Asia for five years before settling in New England.



Matthew Wolf