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Dragontiarna: Crowns & Visionary, Publisher’s Pack 4

Book 8

By: Jonathan Moeller

Performed by: Steven Brand

Released: June 29, 2021

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 26 hr, 33 min

Contains books seven and eight of the Dragontiarna series.
Crowns, book seven
The boldness of the Shield Knight has won a respite for the realm of Andomhaim, but the Heralds of Ruin still threaten to unleash catastrophe. Ridmark Arban must prepare to face the Heptarchy and its legions of fanatic orcs, but the gathered forces of Andomhaim may not be enough to resist the iron fist of Warlord Agravhask. Tyrcamber Rigamond leads the men of the Empire against the Fallen Order, but the necromancers have prepared a sinister trap for him. One that might bring final victory for the Heralds of Ruin….
Visionary, book eight
The legions of the Heptarchy have invaded Andomhaim, and Ridmark Arban stands in their way. But without aid, Andomhaim cannot defeat the Heralds of Ruin. To seek out the weaknesses of his foes, Ridmark must travel into the depths of the Heptarchy to seek out the mysterious wizard called the Master of Keys. But the brutal rulers of the Heptarchy will not allow Ridmark to escape their grasp.



Jonathan Moeller

The author of over 100 novels, Jonathan Moeller has written of the SEVENFOLD SWORD fantasy series (available from Podium Audio), along with the FROSTBORN, GHOSTS, GHOST EXILE, and numerous other series.



Steven Brand