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The Dungeon Slayer

The Dungeon Phoenix

Book 4

By: Konrad Ryan

Performed by: Austin Rising

Released: September 13, 2022

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 17 hr, 10 min

Tad Harrington successfully closed Warrior Titan, but at what cost?
He lost friends, loved ones, and even himself. With no sign of his brother Liam, Tad must face his champion rank-up trial, gain strength, and save his brother alone.
What of other loose ends? What of the mysterious void egg, or his new silver dagger, Agony? Worse yet, wearing the skin of his former enemy, how will it interfere with his relationships?



Konrad Ryan

Konrad Ryan received a bachelor's degree in accounting before he found out he was much too dull for that profession. Now he writes books. He lived in Japan for two years, is fluent in Japanese, and has since fallen in love with the Lit-RPG genre. Avid gamer, father, fiction-lover and food-enthusiast.



Austin Rising