The Fetters of Fate | Podium Audio

The Bladeborn Saga

The Fetters of Fate

Book 5

By: T.C. Edge

Performed by: Steven Brand

Released: April 09, 2024

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 45 hr, 23 min

The fetters of fate are binding. Neither man nor god can break them.
After the fall of the great Vandarian fortress of Dragon’s Bane, Elyon Daecar gathers his army in the Lakelands to the north. They have suffered a great defeat. Heroes and friends have fallen. Yet, with the Windblade in his grasp, Elyon will not yield. From east to west and north to south, he will take the fight to the enemy and soar.
After finally meeting with her grandmother in Aram, Saska—born of Light and Steel and Sea—has discovered the truth of her sire… and the great fate that now awaits her. It is much to place upon her shoulders. Much to expect of one so young. Ahead of her lies a great journey, and a great challenge… yet she needn’t face it alone.
The Shadow Order is no more. Jonik, Ghost of the Shadowfort, has unearthed the terrible truth of its founding. As his company begins to disband, he finds himself stranded, battling with his demons. The darkness gathers around him, and he must fight to stay in the light. If he fails, he will fall… to the ruin of all.
Across the north, the dragons swarm, sent forth by the will of Agarath. In the days to come, their lord and master will show his face. A face of calamity and dread to cover all the land in shadow. If the darkness is to be repelled, the forces of light must rise up to meet it. From the pits of the earth, ancient creatures are coming forth as the world begins to return to one of gods… and monsters.



T.C. Edge

T.C.Edge grew up in the lush green countryside of southern England wishing he could be a Jedi, or Super Saiyan, or just a superhero of some kind. In the end, he decided that such things weren't possible and chose to satisfy himself as a writer instead. He is the author of the bestselling ‘Enhanced Universe’. His latest - The Bladeborn Saga - is his first foray into epic fantasy.



Steven Brand