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Time Wars Last Forever

Time Wars Last Forever: Publisher’s Pack

Book 2

By: Craig Robertson

Performed by: Scott Aiello

Released: December 08, 2020

Language: English

Format: Single Narration

Duration: 14 hr, 43 min

Contains books one and two of Time Wars Last Forever.

Ryan Time, book 1

There is a time for everything under the heavens. A time to kill and a time to heal. A time to love and a time to hate. But when it’s a time war you’re looking at, it’s Ryan Time.

Jon Ryan is called back two billion years to save the Earth from an unprecedented threat. An alien clan is stealing time. It uses that time energy to power its quest to amass even more time. As the very real possibility of never having existed closes in on humanity, Jon must rally his ragtag forces to do the impossible, yet again. But how can you defeat an enemy who can cause you to never have lived?

Lost Time, book 2

The Earth – all her history, all her life – never existed. The Clan, the evil time thieves of the universe, sucked the time energy out of our home world. That which never was can never again be. Obviously. Well unless, of course, there’s a Jon Ryan out there!

Jon and Sapale must work with their new crew, two human academics spared humankind’s foul fate, along with their captured alien time ship. But is their mission doomed to fail even before it starts? How can they resurrect something that never was? They don’t even know how it can be done, or if it can be done.



Craig Robertson

I'm really good at making stuff up. That's what makes me such a good Sci-Fi writer. Well that and my outstanding good looks. Anyway, I've done a lot in my life. Shoe salesman, trauma center ER doctor, immunologic researcher, and now a novelist. Oh, and husband, father and grandfather. Those are the best jobs I've had. I bring all those experiences to my writing. And you know what? It's all good!



Scott Aiello