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Demon Princess Magical Chaos

Chaos awakens alone, surrounded by an endless jungle.

When she discovers a small village of natives, the world-weary reincarnator finds peace of mind for the first time in forever. Lulled by the tranquil atmosphere, she forgets her worries. But when outsiders arrive, they bring war onto the doorsteps of her new home. Once more, the Crawling Chaos gathers her will to fight.

In a land where gods walk among the people, Chaos discovers herself anew. Finding pieces of her past and making new friends along the way, the reincarnated high school girl goes on a journey that shall go down in the annals of history. When the pieces fall into place, she will learn a truth about the world she would have rather not known.

Our lovable Cosmic Horror is brought to new lands with unfamiliar sights and wondrous discoveries. But even if it looks like a fresh start, she can't shake her nature and extends a helping hand to those in need.

The Demon Princess Magical Chaos series contains gore and explicit sexual content. It's intended for mature listeners.



The Tentacle Awakens

Demon Princess Magical Chaos, Book 1

Starchild Crusaders

Demon Princess Magical Chaos, Book 3


J.J. Pavlov

My lifelong passion has been to tell stories. I wrote my first fiction in my early teens, but ultimately wanted to be a film director. However, I learned that a director has far fewer freedoms in storytelling than a writer does. Thus, I returned to my roots and started writing again. Every time my heart wavers, I pledge to myself that I will never give up telling stories even through the hardest of times.



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