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Book Series:

Falling with Folded Wings


Falling With Folded Wings: A LitRPG Progression Fantasy

Falling with Folded Wings, Book 1

Falling With Folded Wings 2: A LitRPG Progression Fantasy

Falling with Folded Wings, Book 2


Plum Parrot

I've always wanted to write, and, though life interfered for a long time, the stories kept building up in my head. I've studied and taught Creative Writing, and I'm a massive fan of LitRPG, Fantasy, and SciFi stories of all kinds. My writing focuses on exploring the wonder of overcoming the impossible and developing rich characters with powerful motives and realistic, dramatic relationships.



Christian J. Gilliland

Christian J. Gilliland is a proud single parent of three daughters and a cat. In his two years as an audiobook narrator Christian has amassed 110 audioooks and written five novels of his own, most being in the LitRPG/Gamelit, Fantasy and Science Fiction genres. Christian enjoys long walks on the beach, the bubbles of a hottub, and occasionally smiting his enemies in online videogames. His ultimate goal (other than interstellar domination) is to bring smiles and a much needed escape to his readers and listeners.