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Royal Ooze Chronicles

The world of Erafore is one full of magic and mystery.
Heroes battle dragons, mages confront demons, and the gods watch over it all. Yet among these incredible beings, a single creature is born with the power to rewrite the destiny of the land. Taken in as a pet by the princess of the Kingdom of Varia, a mere Ooze will rise to stand in the tide of fate and defend the ones he loves from an encroaching void. But can a monster ever truly become a man?



Chronicles of a Royal Pet: A Princess and an Ooze

Royal Ooze Chronicles, Book 1

Chronicles of a Royal Pet: The Majesty of Magic

Royal Ooze Chronicles, Book 2

Chronicles of a Royal Pet: Of Scales and Distant Shores

Royal Ooze Chronicles, Book 4

Chronicles of a Royal Pet: Drifting in the Aether

Royal Ooze Chronicles, Book 5

Chronicles of a Royal Pet: Heroes Collide

Royal Ooze Chronicles, Book 6


Peter Kenny

Peter has worked for: A&BC Theatre Co. The Royal Shakespeare Co. and The BBC Radio Drama Co. An award winning narrator of audio-books he has recorded over 200 titles, everything from: Iain M. Banks, Neil Gaiman, and Andrzej Sapkowski to Claire North and Jonas Jonasson. Publishers include, Little Brown, Orion/Gollancz, Hachette, Harper, Hodder, Pan MacMillan, Ulverscroft, Podium and Penguin Random House