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The Pantheon Saga

Hugo Malalou must die.

Greyson Hirsch has carved a bloody path of destruction across America in his war against superheroes. Fully embracing the villainous persona of Damocles, he now dedicates himself to ridding the world of these “false messiahs.”

His next target is San Miguel’s own Aegis, known to friends and family as Hugo Malalou. By slaughtering Aegis and his team of Paragons, Damocles hopes to crush the symbolic face of this new generation of heroes.

Hugo is equally motivated to stopping Damocles’s reign of terror, bringing him closer to a shadowy powerbroker hellbent on burning the current world order to ashes. But Hugo’s efforts are derailed when a close friend is corrupted by an ancient evil that could plunge San Miguel and beyond into nightmarish chaos.

Now he is forced to make an impossible choice—stop Damocles or save his friend's life. The only option this young hero has is to roll the dice, causing destructive consequences no matter what he chooses.

This novel contains potty-mouthed teens, super-on-super violence and brain-melting superhero action.



Age of Heroes

The Pantheon Saga, Book 1

Monsters Among Men

The Pantheon Saga, Book 2

Generation Next

The Pantheon Saga, Book 3

Gods of Wrath

The Pantheon Saga, Book 4

Absolute Power

The Pantheon Saga, Book 5

United We Stand

The Pantheon Saga, Book 6


C.C. Ekeke

C.C. Ekeke is the author of the Star Brigade and Pantheon Saga novels. C.C. spent much of his childhood on a steady diet of sci-fi movies, TV shows and comic books. He discovered his desire to write books in college studying for an unused degree in advertising. His love of domestic and international travel provides further inspiration for the aliens and worlds seen in his writing.