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War’s Edge: Berserkers



Ryan W. Aslesen

Ryan Aslesen is a bestselling author based out of Las Vegas, NV. He is a former Marine officer, a veteran of the War on Terror, and a graduate of Presentation College and American Military University. His military and work experience have made him one of the premier writers of military science fiction. His bestselling Crucible Series is highly regarded for its authenticity, explosive action, and sci-fi twists. When not writing or lost in his imagination, you will find him spending quality time with his family. He is currently working on his next novel. He can be reached at ryan.w.aslesen@gmail.com.



Courtney Patterson

Courtney Patterson is an Atlanta native who has been working as an actor on stage, screen, and behind the microphone for over two decades. She began narrating audiobooks in 2011 and has fallen in love with the craft of storytelling through narration. Specializing in romance, literary fiction, self-help and suspense/thrillers, Courtney has voiced nearly 200 titles with a wide range of accents. She is also the mother of two wonderful little weirdos and the wife of a brilliant sommelier. There's also a cat and some fish in the mix. Courtney couldn't be happier with her crazy artistic lifestyle and is keenly aware that having good wine always within reach is most likely the reason for her family's success.