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Eric Michael Summerer

Epic, Fantasy, LitRPG, LitRPG & Gamelit, Sword & Sorcery, Progression, Sci-fi, Time Travel, Space Opera, Contemporary, Romance, Military, Post-apocalyptic

TITLES FROM the Performer

Occult Place To Die

Blasphemy Online, Books 2-2

A Blade Through Time

Desolada, Book 1

The Way Ahead

The Way Ahead, Book 1

The Way Ahead 2

The Way Ahead, Book 2

The Perfect Run 2

The Perfect Run, Book 2

The Perfect Run 3

The Perfect Run, Book 3

The Perfect Run

The Perfect Run, Book 1

The Augmented: The Complete Series

The Augmented, Book 3

Tempting Teacher

The Pierce Family, Book 4

Shard Warrior

Crystal Shards Online, Book 2

Shard Wraith

Crystal Shards Online, Book 3

Shadows of Divinity

The Enochian War, Book 1


The Relics of Antiquity, Book 1

Rise of Renegades

The Augmented, Book 2

Pop Kult Warlord

Soda Pop Soldier, Book 2

Parno’s Company

The Black Sheep of Soulan, Book 1