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Ralph Lister

Epic, Fantasy, Sword & Sorcery, YA, Dark Fantasy, Contemporary, Hard SciFi, SciFi, Space Opera

Ralph Lister is a native-British, multiple Audie Award winner/finalist and Earphones Award winner, and over 9 years has narrated more than 450 single-voice and multi-cast audiobooks. In addition, he is known internationally as the voice of Walter ?Angel of Death? Dollnez in cult manga series Hellsing and as Jesse Eisenberg?s assistant Dr. Emmet Vale in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.


TITLES FROM the Performer

The Siege of Skyhold

Mage Errant, Book 5

The Silent Champions: Publisher’s Pack 2

The Silent Champions, Books 5-6

A Rift in the Shadow

The Sunrider Saga, Book 3

The Lost City of Ithos

Mage Errant, Book 4

Warsworn: The Complete Trilogy

The Warsworn Trilogy, Books 1-3

Courage to Sacrifice

The Silent Champions, Book 4

Steel and Valor

The Silent Champions, Book 3

Warlock’s Sun Rising

Broken Stone Chronicle, Book 2


Dynasty of Storms, Book 2

The Sleeping God

The Disinherited Prince, Book 4

The Silent Champions: Publisher’s Pack

The Silent Champions, Books 1-2

The Monk’s Habit

The Disinherited Prince, Book 2

The Heart of War

The Warsworn Trilogy, Book 3

The Flesh of War

The Warsworn Trilogy, Book 1

The Emperor’s Pet

The Disinherited Prince, Book 5

The Disinherited Prince

The Disinherited Prince, Book 1

The Beam Season Two

The Beam, Book 2

The Beam Season One

The Beam, Book 1

The Age of War

The Warsworn Trilogy, Book 2


Superluminary, Books 1-3


The Sunrider Saga, Book 1

Storm’s Break

Dynasty of Storms, Book 3

Rising Thunder

Dynasty of Storms, Book 1

Pilgrim’s Storm Brooding

Broken Stone Chronicle, Book 3

Mage Errant: Publisher’s Pack

Mage Errant, Books 1-2

Fury’s Gauntlet

The Sunrider Saga, Book 2

Devil’s Night Dawning

Broken Stone Chronicle, Book 1

A Traitor in Skyhold

Mage Errant, Book 3

A Sip of Magic

The Disinherited Prince, Book 3