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Thérèse Plummer

Contemporary, Mystery & Thriller, Post-apocalyptic, Sci-fi, Supernatural & Paranormal, Detective, Legal Thriller, Time Travel, Dark Fantasy, Fantasy, YA, Paranormal

TITLES FROM the Performer

The Rogue

Planets Shaken, Book 1

The Rendezvous

Planets Shaken, Book 2

The People’s Lawyer

Lettie Portman, Book 1

The Empathetic Life of Rebecca Wright

Middle Falls Time Travel, Book 10

Middle Falls Time Travel Omnibus 4

Middle Falls Time Travel, Book 12

Justice in Time

Lettie Portman, Book 2


Dispocalypse, Book 3

Wicker City

Vampire World: Publisher’s Pack

Vampire World, Book 2

Vampire World: Publisher’s Pack 2

Vampire World, Book 4

Vampire World: Publisher’s Pack 3

Vampire World, Book 6