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1/2986 Books 1&2

The 1/2986 Series, Books 1-2

131 Days

131 Days, Book 1

1/2986 Books 3&4

The 1/2986 Series, Books 3-4

A Dark Foretoken

Tales of the Seventh, Book 3


Rock Point, Book 4

A Faded Star Short Story

A Faded Star, Book 1

A Facet for the Gem

The Tale of Eaglefriend, Book 1

A Different Alchemy

The Great De-evolution, Book 2

A Fiery Sunset

The Omega Wars, Book 1

A Fallen Empire Omnibus

Fallen Empire, Books 1-3

A Gift of Time

A House Divided

Terran Armor Corps, Book 4

A Kingdom Under Siege

Wardens of Issalia, Book 4

A Game of Villains

World of Karik, Book 1

A Learning Experience

A Learning Experience, Book 1

A Mark of Kings

The Shattered Reigns, Book 1

A Reluctant Druid

The Milesian Accords, Book 1

A Pale Dawn

The Omega Wars, Book 8

A New Culture Of Learning

A Rylee Adamson Omnibus

Rylee Adamson, Books 1-3

A Sellsword’s Compassion

The Seven Virtues, Book 1

A Sellsword’s Resolve

The Seven Virtues, Book 3

A Sellsword’s Mercy

The Seven Virtues, Book 6

A Sellsword’s Hope

The Seven Virtues, Book 7

A Sellsword’s Valor

The Seven Virtues, Book 4

A Sellsword’s Wrath

The Seven Virtues, Book 2

A Sip of Magic

The Disinherited Prince, Book 3

A Sellsword’s Will

The Seven Virtues, Book 5

A Tangled Fate

The Milesian Accords, Book 3

A Succubus Christmas Special


A Touch of Deceit

Nick Bracco, Book 1

A Tempered Warrior

The Milesian Accords, Book 2

A Traitor in Skyhold

Mage Errant, Book 3

A Touch of Revenge

Nick Bracco, Book 2

A Warden’s Purpose

Wardens of Issalia, Book 1


Aces, Book 1

About the Blood

131 Days, Book 4

A Warm Place to Call Home

A Demon’s Story, Book 1


Animus, Book 4

Aching God

Iconoclasts, Book 1

After It Happened: Publisher’s Pack 3

After It Happened, Books 5-6

After It Happened: Publisher’s Pack 2

After It Happened, Books 3-4

After It Happened: Publisher’s Pack

After It Happened, Books 1-2

Adventures in Cryptozoology: Hunting for Yetis, Mongolian Deathworms and Other Not-So-Mythical Monsters

AI Reborn

AI Reborn Trilogy, Books 1-3

Age of Heroes

The Pantheon Saga, Book 1

Age of the King

The Echoes Saga, Book 6

Alabaster Noon

The Omega Wars, Book 12

Alassa’s Tale

Schooled in Magic, Book 14.5

Alien Empress

Argonauts, Book 3