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Daniel Schinhofen

Sci-fi, Space Opera, Fantasy, LitRPG, LitRPG & Gamelit, Sword & Sorcery, Contemporary, Post-apocalyptic, Epic

Daniel has written the well known series; Alpha World, Binding Words, Apocalypse Gates, Last Horizon, and Aether's Revival. When he isn't frantically typing, he's playing games, walking his dog, or hanging out with friends and family.


TITLES FROM the Author

Antecedents’ Legacy

Antecedents’ Legacy, Book 1

Tales from the Dead Man Inn

NPCs Lives, Book 9

Playing for Keeps

Alpha World, Book 4

Path to Peace

Alpha World, Book 6

One Nation, Under …

Apocalypse Gates Author’s Cut, Book 8

Greenways Goblins

Resurrection Quest, Book 1

Gamer for Life

Alpha World, Book 1

Gamer for Love

Alpha World, Book 8

Fractured Spirit

Alpha World, Book 5

Forming the Company

Alpha World, Book 2


Alpha World, Book 7

Alpha Company

Alpha World, Book 3

Unexpected Dev-elopments

Apocalypse Gates Author’s Cut, Book 7