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Mark Boyett

Military, Sci-fi, Space Opera, Hard Sci-Fi, Contemporary, Post-apocalyptic, Superhero, Steampunk

TITLES FROM the Performer


Deadmen’s War, Book 5


Deadmen’s War, Book 4

Jungle World

Undying Mercenaries, Book 19

Sky World

Undying Mercenaries, Book 18

Blue Salvation

The Fallen World, Book 13

The Price of Freedom

The Fallen World, Book 4

The Last Ditch

The Exiled Fleet, Book 5

The Island of Dr. Laroue

The Fallen World, Book 9

The Destroyer of Worlds

War of the Ancients Trilogy, Book 2

Spheres of Influence

Stellar Heritage, Book 2


Deadmen’s War, Book 3

Resonant Abyss

Resonant Son, Book 2

Resonant Son

Resonant Son, Book 1


The Fallen World, Book 10