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Mark Boyett

Hard SciFi, Military, SciFi, Space Opera, Contemporary, Post Apocalyptic, Superhero, Fantasy, LitRPG/Gamelit, Steampunk

TITLES FROM the Performer

City World

Undying Mercenaries, Book 17

The Last Ditch


The Fallen World, Book 10

The Island of Dr. Laroue

The Fallen World, Book 9

Ice World

Undying Mercenaries, Book 16

When One Door Closes

Stellar Heritage, Book 4

Green World

Undying Mercenaries, Book 15

They Call Me Princess

The Fallen World, Book 8

Far Horizons

Stellar Heritage, Book 3

Fire Fight

Star Runner, Book 2

Blue Crucible

The Fallen World, Book 7

Nomad Core

Core Control, Book 2

Spheres of Influence

Stellar Heritage, Book 2

Call Me Mr. Smith

The Fallen World, Book 6

Farmer’s Creed

The Fallen World, Book 5

Edge World

Undying Mercenaries, Book 14

The Price of Freedom

The Fallen World, Book 4

From the Ashes

The Fallen World, Book 3

Resonant Abyss

Resonant Son, Book 2

Exiled Fleet: Publisher’s Pack 2

The Exiled Fleet, Books 3-4

This Fallen World

The Fallen World, Book 1

The Destroyer of Worlds

War of the Ancients Trilogy, Book 2

Resonant Son

Resonant Son, Book 1

Red Horizon

Discover Series, Book 2

New Frontiers

The Expansion Wars Trilogy, Book 1

Lunar Discovery

Discover Series, Book 1

Lair for Rent: Publisher’s Pack

Lair for Rent, Books 1-2

Iron and Blood

The Expansion Wars Trilogy, Book 2

Exiled Fleet: Publisher’s Pack

The Exiled Fleet, Books 1-2

Don’t Call Me Ishmael

The Fallen World, Book 2


Black Fleet Trilogy, Book 3

Call to Arms

Black Fleet Trilogy, Book 2

Bunker Core

Core Control, Book 1

Black Infinity

Discover Series, Book 3